Augusta Airship Hangar
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The unique military building existent in Europe and perhaps all over the world for its dimensions islocated in the area between Pastandrea and Costa deiConti districts.Being built on a hill 32 metres oversea level , it dominates the Megarese harbour andraises just opposite the Swabian Castle on the Eastof Augusta Isle.

Augusta Airship Hangar in 1920
the Hangar in 1920
Hargar Frames view
Hangar Frames view

The Hangar can contain 12.000 m 3 airship and is the only example made out of reinforced concrete.The load-bearing structure consists of 15 reinforced concrete frames filled in by brick and tiles walls on the orizontal truss connection.

Another interesting element,if it had been kept in working order,was the hangar gate, consistingof a folding gear with 14 elements,each 31m highand controlled by a powerful electrical engine.

Hangar Gate
Gate Detail
Hangar Gate
Hangar max dimensions are as follows:
length 105,50-width 45,20-height 37,00 m (ext.dim.)
   "     100,00     "    26,00    "      31,00 m (use dim.)

The hangar area , including the manoeuvres space is 500 x 400 m with NNW-SSE direction ,that is the exposure direction of the area winds .

View from manouvers area
View from manouvers area
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