Augusta Airship Hangar
A brief history
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First Airship to Augusta on 1920

The Hangar was built in order to provide South Italy with an air defence by airships against the continuous attacks from German u-boats during the First world war.Its costruction began in 1917.They intended to finish it in very short time,but it was not possible and when it was really finished,the war had already ended and all the strategic efforts seemed to be useless. However it became operative and in the 20's the military area consisting of the hangar,barracks,cook-house,storage-house, wash-house , infirmary and some houses for the commander and officials was opened .The first Airship flying over Augusta was a O.S.type of 5.000 m3 (cruise speed : 31 mph at 492 feet) which had been transferred from a Centre Italy air-base. Some years later the engineer Nobile,known for having flown over the North Pole by an airship ,designed and built a new type 7.000 m3 N2 airship.

Hangar in the 1996 On August 29th 1925 King Umberto I of Italy visited the hangar. Later , aiming to reinforce the harbour air-defence, a sea-plane station was built complete of cranes , workshops for the Second World War seaplane-torpedo and sea-plane reconnaisance. The alighting on water area was near the Fortresses "Garcia and Vittory" and 3936 feet long. During the Second World War Augusta was the scenery of very hard air and naval battles and the town was bombed several times,suffering heavy damages. Fortunately and probably not by chance ,military buildings such as the Avalos Tower , the "Garcia and Vittoria" Fortresses , the Swabian Castle and the Hangar with the below seaplane station remained intact . After the war and till 1958 an English Company,BOAC,used the seaplane-station as commercial basin among England-Italy-North Africa. For many years seaplanes alighted on the water of the Megarese port bringing goods and passengers.For a

long period the Hangar became the base for Italian Financial Police helicopters.

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